Medisystem + ATP

The most practical, easy to use, effective, reliable, safe, environmentally friendly and affordable way to enhance environmental cleaning programs to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses and HAIs.

The combination of the Medibios device (secure, traceable results and repeatable treatments) and the use of hydrogen peroxide, as active ingredient of the Evolyse disinfectant, has borne many results to the fight against hospital infections.

The components that enhance the Medisystem technology and that make it a “NO TOUCH” automated system are 4:

  • Medibios: patented and new generation micronebulizer with double diffusion (class I Medical Device – FDA Registration No. 3011684996)
  • Evolyse: disinfectant ready to use for disinfection by air (class I Medical Device – FDA Registration No. 3011684996)
  • Operative protocols developed with important research institutes
  • Monitoring and control of the performed treatment